Attending a prenatal breastfeeding class can help you to make important decisions that will impact your breastfeeding success.  Armed with evidence-based information and lots of practical know-how you and your baby will be off to the very best start possible.      

 Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes are offered in a group or semi-private / private setting. Partners are encouraged to attend to help you to learn and support you through this process. All classes include a complimentary telephone/skype call after your baby is born to discuss any difficulties that may be occurring.   

Classes are interactive, intimate and cover the following topics:

  • How to get off to the very best start in the hospital and at home

  • How to lead your baby to comfortably latch and drink effectively(dolls will be provided to practice latch techniques)

  • How to know whether your baby is getting enough and whether breastfeeding is going well

  • The benefits of skin-to-skin contact and baby wearing.

  • How to avoid or overcome breastfeeding challenges

  • Natural solutions to breastfeeding problems

 GROUP CLASSES are offered at the following locations:

 Toronto Yoga Mamas - Located at 1402 Queen St East (Queen and Greenwood).  Please check the Toronto Yoga Mamas website for the next class available - Toronto Yoga Mamas

West End Mamas - Located at 2477 Bloor Street West (Bloor and Jane). Please check the West End Mamas website for the next class available - West End Mamas.

 Fee: $89.00 for a 2.5 hour class

 PRIVATE/ SEMI-PRIVATE CLASSES are offered in the comfort of your home or in a setting conducive to a private / semi-private class.

 Fees: $200.00 for a 2 hour class

See a review of our class from the Mommy Gearest Blog - “The keys to breastfeeding success”: prenatal education with Lactation Consultant Taya Griffin (guest review).