Birth and Postpartum Doulas and Health Care Practitioners working with mothers are a vital source of breastfeeding information for new (and experienced) mothers and their partners. Often the very first birth professional to assist with breastfeeding, doulas play a vital role in shaping a mothers nursing journey. 

This 5 hr information packed course is perfect for doulas, midwives, nurses, naturopaths, homeopaths and other health professionals working with expecting and new mothers.

Expand your knowledge by learning:
1) How to prepare a mother and her partner for their breastfeeding journey
2) How to get breastfeeding off to the very best start in the hospital and at home
3) The importance of skin to skin contact and how to practically implement its use
4) The mechanics and the art of latching a baby
5) How to determine whether a baby is drinking well and getting enough at the breast
6) The basic anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding
7) Holistic and traditional solutions for breastfeeding concerns such as engorgement, sore nipples, blocked ducts and low milk supply
8) Alternative feeding methods including milk expression and milk storage
9) How to help the mother set up a support system to ensure she reaches her breastfeeding goals

This five hour comprehensive course is approved by DONA and CAPPA. A certificate of completion will be provided for doulas to submit for their Doula Certification.

For more information please contact Toronto Yoga Mamas

"I am a birth and postpartum doula. I took an online course for certification and found that I did not get what I needed from it! Deciding to take Taya's in person class was definitely the right decision. Her hands on approach and practical information, which were delivered very effectively, gave me the information, confidence and practical tools (practicing with dolls, etc) needed to support women during their journey of breastfeeding."  - Course Participant